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Welcome to my digital corner! I'm Adële, and I'm thrilled to share my interrest for Smolweb, the Gemini protocol, and the LowTech movement with you. These are not just technological endeavours for me; they are my way of contributing to a more accessible, sustainable, and community-driven digital world.

About Me:

I'm a fervent advocate, blending my background in computer science with my commitment to environmental activism. My mission is to leverage technology for positive change, focusing on simplicity, sustainability, and empowerment.


I'm a staunch supporter of Smolweb, a movement that champions lightweight, decentralized, and user-centric web experiences. Smolweb offers an alternative to the bloated and surveillance-heavy traditional web, emphasizing simplicity, speed, and privacy. Through advocacy, education, and practical projects, I strive to spread Smolweb's ethos and inspire others to embrace a more minimalist and community-focused approach online. I also propose a hosting platform dedicated to static web pages

Gemini Protocol:

The Gemini protocol holds a special place in my heart. Its emphasis on plain text, minimalism, and user control provides a refreshing alternative to mainstream internet browsing. I actively engage in the Gemini community, contributing to projects, advocating for wider adoption, and fostering a welcoming environment for enthusiasts. Gemini embodies the values of simplicity and privacy that I hold dear. Again, I propose a hosting platform for Gemini capsules.

LowTech Movement:

Beyond digital spaces, I'm trying to invested in the LowTech movement. I'm looking for simple and sustainable technologies, such as permaculture and DIY electronics, I believe we can address pressing social and environmental challenges. LowTech solutions offer a path towards resilience and equity, reducing our reliance on resource-intensive technologies.

Get Involved:

Are you intrigued by Smolweb, the Gemini protocol, or the LowTech movement? Join me in shaping a more accessible, equitable, and environmentally friendly digital future!