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Why Smolweb is good for the Internet


As a web developer for decades, I've witnessed the rapid evolution and increasing complexity of web technologies. The Smolweb concept presents itself as a refreshing antidote to the sprawling, resource-hungry nature of the modern web. Here's why Smolweb is a positive force for the internet. [...]

Vim is magic with sftp url


In a toot of Conor, I discovered that vim masters the remote url. [...]

The IndieWeb Concept


I often attach the tag #IndieWeb to my posts on social networks. Several years ago, this concept was a blur to me. Over time, I came to understand more what it was all about. In fact, IndieWeb can be defined by a list of concepts and perhaps every proponent of this movement has his or her own definition and list of concepts. So I'll try to define what I mean by IndieWeb when I use this word. [...]

Blogging anonymously


Before grappling with the dilemma of anonymity[^1], I had blogged under my real name for years, even decades. However, concerns about the potential clash between my personal beliefs and professional relationships led me to choose anonymity[^1]. In a first time, I mixed up my real name and a pseudo, and it was easy to find my real name by searching my pseudo in search engines. So, I decided to create a new identity, from scratch and to no more refer or link with my previous internet identity. I keep using my real identity on internet for more professional stuff. [...]

Planting potatoes: my first step into low-tech living


Yesterday marked a significant shift for me as I ventured into low-tech living outside the digital realm. Joining the shared garden team in our village, I participated in the time-honored tradition of planting potatoes, a task that may be routine for the community but was entirely new and exciting for me. [...]

Choosing between smolweb and gemini: advantages and drawbacks


In the ever-evolving landscape of decentralized and minimalist web (and net) technologies, two platforms stand out: Smolweb and Gemini, if we forget good old Gopher. Both offer alternatives to traditional web browsing, emphasizing simplicity, speed, and privacy. But which is the right choice for you? In this article, we'll compare the advantages and drawbacks of creating a Smolweb site versus crafting gemtext content for a Gemini capsule to help you make an informed decision. I exclude Gopher from this comparison because it does not bring advantage and it is more complicated to generate a Gopher hole. [...]